Monkey Business

Here comes a book we’re sure will be come an instant family favorite – Seattle artist Matthew Porter’s Monkey World: A-Z of Occupations, from Simply Read Books. Anything that a human might try, Porter’s monkeys will do. The book is filled with pirate monkeys, cowboy monkeys, motor-scooterist monkeys, and all sorts of other monkeys. Each monkey is doing a job, in alphabetical order, and each job has a poem, too. “Each poem tells a story or describes what the occupation is,” Porter explains. “This is my third book, but my first time writing.” His previous books, ABC and Count the Birdies, also feature delightful animals. His 2009 Monkey World calendar is also available now, and it comes with a coloring book. Porter and his wife, Andrea, own Blue Bottle Gallery, where his art, books, calendar, and a brand new kids’ clothing line featuring his work will be available in an August Monkey World extravaganza. But you can get the book now: Pick it up and meet Porter one week from today, Tuesday, July 29, at 6:30 p.m., at the Ballard Library, sponsored by Secret Garden Bookshop. Original art from Monkey World is currently on display at Secret Garden.

PS – Porter’s painting, prints, and magnets are available at lots of Seattle kiddo boutiques, including Planet Happy Toys, Clover, Bootyland, and Pop Tots.

Matthew Porter

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