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Lilipip and You Tube for kids

We are still mourning the loss of Lilipip, the cutting edge business founded by Seattle mom Ksenia Oustiougova, that offered smart, film-festival-worthy down-loadable animation that kids could watch on  your PC or cell phone/ mobile device.

While there are some good finds on You Tube, it’s also treacherous to click on a seemingly innocent cartoon only to find the audio has been hijacked and Mickey Mouse is now spewing Eminem’s not-fit-for-toddler lyrics.

We’ve recently come across two sites that make it safe to surf the ‘net with little ones once again. offers a sweet selection of moderator-approved kids flicks including claymation elephants, Jack Johnson’s Upside Down video with Curious George and lots of real life animal adventures  — kind of the best of You Tube for kids.

Similar to lilipip, offers digital books for kids that can be downloaded to your PC or ipod. You can preview the book online and search for book by age (1-6, 4-8, 6-10). You’ll find simple stories about cars, trains and airplanes for the littles and more complex stories with rhymes and music for older kids at $3.99 each.

Of course, we all know one-year-olds aren’t suppose to be watching any tv, but when you’re stuck on a long car or plane journey (or you simply need a few minutes of me-time), it’s nice to know there are some cool options out there for quick kiddie entertainment.

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  1. jsp Says:

    Wanted to share my experience with My three year old loves the site but kept on clicking on the You Tube logo which took her directly to that site. I emailed the owner of totlol and was told in his response that if you register you can set parental controls for the site. I see on the site that he has recently added information in the “About” section that addresses this issue. This is one site that I highly recommend registering on if just for that feature and for the safeguard against easy clicks into troubling territory for small children.

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