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Street Smarts

Question: What's free, at your fingertips, and can make it easier for grown-ups to navigate the perfect music, art or soccer class for little one (or themselves)?

Answer: TeachStreet, the new Seattle-based web site that hooks up learners with more than 25,000 classes and teachers. Little One develop a sudden interest in magic tricks? Find a mentor to help your young magician become the next David Blaine. Been meaning to hook up your active guy or gal with a martial arts class? You're about to discover lots of dojo options. Always wanted to learn swing dance? Silkscreening? Stonecarving? TeachStreet has you covered, too. Founded by Amazon veteran Dave Schappell, the beta site is up and humming, and ready to chase down dream classes.

It works like this: you log on, enter the neighborhood you want to learn in and what kind of lessons you're looking for. Or you browse by subject 'til something strikes a fancy. Narrow your search by student age, day of the week, experience level, and class size. Then check the list of teachers, choose the best fit for you, and contact that teacher directly. Finally, Little One is signed up for ballet, or Spanish, or swim lessons. And your summer vacation just got a kick start.

Hint: If you don't find many classes when you search for 'kids soccer', try searching just 'soccer', then narrow your search by age in the left column.


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