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Inch By Inch

Christine Roberts likens the brain's development to a seed needing water and soil to grow into a healthy tree. Her early childhood creative movement program, Nurturing Pathways®, provides the water, soil, and sunlight for 3 months through 3 years.

Infants, waddlers, and toddlers each have programs tailored to their developmental stage. Roberts or one of her licensed instructors leads each group through fast-paced one-hour classes, full of songs, movement, and rest time to absorb the action. We watched a group of toddlers wave streamers, play instruments, sing, run, complete an obstacle course, and smile, smile, smile. Many moms rave about the infant program. (Let's face it, it's hard to find new ways to stimulate an infant). With Nurturing Pathways®, you'll learn that swinging your baby in a fabric hammock or putting the opposite hand to foot awakens neurons in your Little One's brain.

Roberts says, "Nurturing Pathways is an educational program that goes beyond a creative dance class. While we're moving, we are hitting on cognitive, social, emotional, and physical areas." Nurturing Pathways® classes optimize all areas of development. Roberts, who has twenty-five years of experience in the field, developed Nurturing Pathways® and trains teachers in the method.

Parents are essential to the program. "I give 'brain bites' for parents to learn about their children's development," Roberts says. "Brain bites" are mini-instructions for the parents: "Rhymes combined with movement work on attention, bonding and language." Every step of the way, you work together to ensure healthy trees in Little One's future.

Classes are available locally in Phinney Ridge, West Seattle and Kirkland. Visit website for details.

Nurturing Pathways