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Mighty Aphrodite

Take the Greek word for beauty: Kallos. Add to it the word for gift: Doros. Pair them up and you've got Calidora, the modern, much-in-demand skin clinic whose gift to you is renewed radiance. Calidora uses serious technology and techniques performed by medical professionals to fight skin issues —dullness, wrinkles, acne, scars. While the skin care here is top notch, it doesn't happen in a clinical setting. Calidora's décor, too, is inspired by the Greek Isles.

Your first visit to the ethereal clinic starts with a complimentary photo-imaging complexion analysis. Calidora staffers use advanced technology to evaluate your skin, identifying ultraviolet damage, pigmentation, pores, and, gulp, wrinkles. With results in hand, they develop a personalized plan to battle the forces of evil. Late nights with the Little One leaving your face looking tired? Try a sixty-minute facial for clean, smooth, bright skin. Spend too much time in the sun? A glycolic or chemical peel is just the thing. Need a serious anti-aging fix? Laser and light therapies and medical treatments will leave you looking like a goddess. Twenty-minute versions of their most popular —and effective —treatments are a great option for busy parents. You'll come out flushed as if you're fresh from an island vacation, and feeling just that relaxed.

PS —This spring, Calidora is especially excited about their brand new Illuminator Peel; using beta-hydroxy and alpha-hydroxy acids, it gently promotes smoother, more luminous skin. Book one Illuminator Peel, and receive a full-size jar moisturizer from Calidora's proprietary new line featuring wine polyphenols — totally free. Or for instant youth, give Botox™ a try and you'll get the free moisturizer. Just mention Red Tricycle, or should we say, 'Kokkinos Trikyklo'?

Calidora Skin Clinic
Modern Science for Healthy Skin

10708 Main St. (Bellevue)

412 University St. (Downtown Seattle)

2613 NE University Village St. (University Village)

17887 Redmond Way (Redmond)


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