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“Near the forfront of the next generation of parenting tools...Red Tricycle is not your mother's parenting aide. Readers are razr-phone-toting, book-club-joining moms who at least know what a blackberry is."

Seattle Post Intelligencer April 2006

Thank you for being so smart, clever and witty! I’m enjoying my subscription and appreciate what you’re doing.

Your information reads like YOU are having fun and that’s worth a lot! Thanks for many good ideas.

Sarah F. - Redmond

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The Door to Dreamland

If you could take the world inside of a child's imagination, bring it out, and admire it, we're willing to bet that what you'd see would very closely resemble the Moonpaper Tent. All the joy of Disneyland on an accessible scale, minus the commercialization and the price tag, the Moonpaper tent offers birthday parties, creative drama and art classes for ages two and older, and camps, each filled with creative props and costumes. It all happens in their enchanted-forest-themed space, where, as their motto says, magic is alive and dream worlds exist.

The Tent's latest endeavor? Theater! With a full season about to begin under the direction of Bainbridge Performing Arts Creative Director Steven Fogell, adult actors and puppets will bring audiences into the worlds of Merlin, the Snow Queen, and the Jungle Book. The new stage also means that the Moonpaper Tent now offers children's performance classes. Those birthday parties we mentioned? They're among the best in town. Little One into princess? Puppies? Pirates? Whatever the Birthday Kid's request, the crew at the Moonpaper Tent will make it happen. Any theme is doable. They'll provide everything necessary for creative play that will lead into crafts (Wait! We can't see the enemy ships from our lookout tower! We need telescopes! Let's go make some!). You bring cake and table settings, and leave everything else (including clean-up!) to the professionals, who will even hand make favors.

PS —The third Friday of every month is Parents' Night Out. You can drop off your adventure seekers (ages four and older) from 6 pm —10 pm for fun, fun, fun at $8.00 per hour. In the spirit of the Moonpaper Tent, we'll leave what to do with that free time up to your imagination.

The Moonpaper Tent
918 NE 64th Street