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“Near the forfront of the next generation of parenting tools...Red Tricycle is not your mother's parenting aide. Readers are razr-phone-toting, book-club-joining moms who at least know what a blackberry is."

Seattle Post Intelligencer April 2006

Thank you for being so smart, clever and witty! I’m enjoying my subscription and appreciate what you’re doing.

Your information reads like YOU are having fun and that’s worth a lot! Thanks for many good ideas.

Sarah F. - Redmond

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Get Out and Play

It's December 9. Do not panic if you can't get everything done on your to-do list this month. We repeat, do not panic.

You're still good enough and, gosh darn it, we'll still love you if don't send us a present.

Community Communing
"Let it Snow!" Preschool Story Time
Brrr. The North East Branch of the Public Library is embracing the cold with a snow-themed get-together for wee ones and parents. Stories and songs about snow, snowflakes and famous snowmen (or, snowpeople, if you want to be PC) will warm your heart. Appropriate for children ages 3 - 5.
When: Wednesday, December 14, 10:30 - 11:00 am
Location: 6801 35th Ave. NE (north of Children's Hospital, at NE 68th St.)
Info.: 206.684.7539
Cost: Free
Online:, use the Library Locator and go to North East Branch

Better than TV
The Snowflake Factory
A theatrical event set in an eclectic arctic wonderland. Here, the Factory of Cold is having all sorts of problems with the production of sleet, hail and blustery winds. Oh no! The factory workers are challenged to come up with a chilly (and silly?) solution. Directed by Jonah Von Spreecken. Appropriate for all ages. Have a warm coat on hand.
When: December 15 - 18, 7:00 pm, and December 21 - 23, 7:00 pm
Info.: 206.267.5380
Location: Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave. (between Pike and Pine)
Tickets: $13 for adults, $7 kids

Nibble and Sip
Holiday Cookies Lunch *This will sell out; if you can't get a spot, try Cascasdia's kids' menu on another afternoon; the mini-burgers are delish!
Lauded chef Kerry Sear of Belltown's Cascadia Restaurant hosts a holiday cookie decorating par-tay and lunch for kids, and parents, too. Kids fuel themselves for cookie art with mini-burgers (beef, salmon or veggie) or pasta shapes with cheese or tomato basil sauce.
When: Sunday, December 11
What's in it for you: A gourmet (read: not kid food) three-course lunch for parental units that includes a choice between smoked salmon eggs benedict and wild mushroom quiche for the main course.
Info.: 206.448.8884
Location: 2328 First Ave. (between Bell and Battery Sts.)
Cost: Adults $35, kids $25